Winemaking in Salento developed before the period of Greek colonization VIII e VI century B.C. Primitivo and Negroamaro have not been displaced with the passing of time and still constitute the basis for Salento’s indigenous varieties today.

The Peninsula of Salento is the southernmost part of Puglia and flanks between Adriatic and Ionian Seas: is described like the “Heal of Italy”.

Salento soil contains balanced amounts of sand, clay and calcium. The red soil is rich in gravely composites as well.

Vitally important water reserves underneath the surface of the land have been made possible by the cracks and natural cavities in which rainwater is collected.

The temperate, seaside climate is characterized by winds that blow from the North and Northeast which create mild temperature changes between night and day during the summer at this latitude it is quite inusual to find such conditions.

Working in Salento’s wineyards mean embracing viticultural traditions that are firmly rooted in antiquity. Salento offer wines that can be classified among the noblest in Italy.